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OFFICIAL SELECTION achtung berlin - new berlin film award

Tore the sky & the sea premiered at the 13th edition of achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2017. Tore, the sky & the sea at Achtung Berlin

OFFICIAL SELECTION Hong Kong Arthouse Festival

Tore, the sky & the sea was selected for the Hong Kong Arthouse Filmfestival, spring edition 2017. Hong Kong Art House Filmfestival


Tore, the sky & the sea - Monthly Selection, May 2019

OFFICIAL SELECTION Santiago Independent Film Awards

Tore, the sky & the sea - Monthly Selection, June 2019

TORE , THE SKY & THE SEA, documentary, 58 min.

The Swedish artist Tore Kurlberg lived in a fishing village on the coast. He rarely exhibited and hardly sold any paintings, but everyday he went to his studio and painted the view from his window: the horizon, the roofs, the sky and the sea. His work became increasingly abstract until all that remained were lines and dashes on the canvas, in hundreds of variations. Now the house is to be sold and the place is being emptied. Books and furniture are thrown out the window and the paintings are given away to his extended family in a lottery.


Tore, the sky & the sea is inspired by the abstract and minimalistic paintings of Tore, the unique light and shapes of the Swedish west coast. It's scetching the life in Tore’s hometown town, his artistic motifs, his dreams and his doubts. Tore, the sky & the sea is a film about dedicating your whole life to one idea. Narrated by Swedish actor Tomas von Brömmsen.





Birgitta Berndtsson, Bosse Karlsson, Elsa Kristensson, Kerstin Kurlberg, Malin Kurlberg, Siv Lindström, Greta Sandahl, Pelle Stavfeldt, Birgitta Thedin, Håkan Wettre



Maria Mogren and Jens von Larcher


Tomas von Brömssen


Mark-Henning Sargent


Sophia Söderqvist

Editing consultant                            

Angela Bravo

Color grading                                      

Mario Orias

Sound design/Voice recording         

Anders Ehlin

Voice recording Sweden                   

Johan Håkansson

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"If you have the opportunity, I highly

recommend you go see that beautiful story told by Maria Mogren and Jens von Larcher about the painter Tore Kurlberg and his generous Märta Kurlberg.

I dare you to be disappointed."



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