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My Second Skin, 23 min, 2020

 A documentary essay on memory, clothing and the magic of remains. It began with a checked shirt, a black dress and a brother, who was gone.


My mother carries a big box out of the cellar and fetches a sharp knife. Ten years after my brother's death, we decide to open the remaining box with his clothes. My Second Skin is a story about loss, traces and the memory of clothing. An associative journey with dreamy images of peacocks, trees and icy water. From a Swedish hometown to the “Holy Robe of Jesus” in South Germany, from a designer and her collection made the by remains of a cancer disease to the undertaker and the wedding dress she always keeps in a plastic bag - a film about holding on and letting go. Trailer coming soon! 

Lezzie & Vilma, 6 min

A short documentary about female drag queens.

In developement. Trailer

Improvistations by Britta Kerger, 2019

Dance video with Britta Kerger

Peter learning with Zinguist, 2020


Video for the language school Zinguist and language coach David Lebor. Filmed and edited by Ecke Film.

Trailer for Zinguist, 2019


Trailer for the language school Zinguist and language coach David Lebor. Edited and partly filmed by Ecke Film.

Documentation for Zinguist, 2019


Documentation for the language school Zinguist and language coach David Lebor.

Trailer for Casting Freischütz, 3 min, 2019

Video for the theatre performance by Quast & Knoblich. Video and documentation by Ecke film.

Trailer for Sieg über die Sonne, 2 min 2019

Theatre play "Sieg über die Sonne" by SKART/Masters of the Universe. Video and documentation by Ecke film.

Trailer for Hundeplatz, 5 min, 2018

Performance by Quast & Knoblich with 7 dogs. Premiered at SOPHIENSAELE, spring 2018. Video and documentation by Ecke Film. Musik: Les Truc, Color Grading: Mario Orias.


Tore, the sky & the sea, 58 min, 2017

Documentary about art and dreams.

Idea/Camera/Editing: Maria Mogren, Jens von Larcher

Narrator: Tomas von Brömssen

Musik: Mark-Henning Sargent

Animation: Sophia Söderquist

Sound Design: Anders Ehlin

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Hard 2 Beat by Nina Natri, music video

Idea/Camera/Editing: Maria Mogren, Jens von Larcher


Music video for Nina Natri's first Solo Album, Lovers United. Shot in Gothenburg and in Berlin with the racewalkers Maik Berger and Ainhoa Pinedo González.

What Went Wrong by Great Hare, music video

Idea/Camera/Editing: Maria Mogren

Editing consultant: Jens von Larcher


Music video for Great Hare, an indie rock quartet from Gothenburg. Video shot in Gothenburg and on the Swedish West Coast.


Tough guys vote pink, video

Idea/Camera/Editing: Maria Mogren


Inspired by the rise of the Swedish Feministic Part, FI - Feministiskt Initiativ and a left wing-macho father, who chose to vote for them.

How to become a feminist in less than a minute.


Berlin. Brunnenstrasse, documentary, 43 min.

Idea/Camera/Editing: Maria Mogren

Camera/Sound: Jens von Larcher


Stories from street in Berlin Mitte, 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Festival Selection: Border Reverb, Clandestino Festival, Gothenburg.

Available at the Berlin city library:

Berlin. Brunnenstrasse
Berlin Brunnenstrasse.pdf
PDF-Dokument [154.6 KB]

"If you have the opportunity, I highly

recommend you go see that beautiful story told by Maria Mogren and Jens von Larcher about the painter Tore Kurlberg and his generous Märta Kurlberg.

I dare you to be disappointed."



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